Raffle Definition

  • CREA (The Charitable Raffle Enabling Act) defines a raffle as "the award of one or more prizes by chance at a single occasion among a single pool or group of persons who have paid or promised a thing of value for a ticket that represents a chance to win a prize."

  • The nonprofit organization "Citizen's Committee to Save our Children" is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in the United States (501c3) (hereinafter: " the CCSOC "), is holding a raffle sale, all of the profits of which shall be devoted to maintaining and promoting the CCSOC's activities and goals associated with career technologies and the harambee festival for children.

Raffle Prize

  • Item: This raffle is for a Fine Art painting donated by celebrity and historical artist C. Ray celebrating the amazing proprieties set by black entertainers of a glorious and recent past, and aptly named artist of the The Entertainers.

  • Price: The sale of the tickets at a donation of $10.00 per ticket will be held with the legal accompaniment of Advocate Sherry Mercoldov (hereinafter: "the Supervisor" / "the Raffle Holder").

  • Count: Only 300 tickets will be sold online, so be prudent and purchase quickly.

  • Age: Participation in the Raffle is for adults over the age of 18 only.

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Raffle Tickets

  • Ticket sales will take place God willing as of October 30, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. until January 15 at 12:00 a.m. midnight (hereinafter: "the Sale/ Raffle Period").

  • The Raffle is open to all friends and supporters of the CCSOC,harambeedallas.org, and the Harambee Festival Dallas, who will donate to the CCSOC and Harambee Festival(hereinafter: "Participant" or "Friends of the CCSOC" or "Friend").

  • The Participant and/or one who wishes to participate in the Raffle agrees, confirms and declares through his participation that he has read the Rules and he accepts its provisions.

Statement About Artist

"Your Majesty!" All of the people painted by C. Ray impose upon the viewer's senses a majestic prescense winnowing all notions of servitude. However, in the painting being raffled by C. Ray, their is a double entendre embeddded in the golden "K" painted over his face. The "K" painted over the face (shown below) of M. L. King injects into our blood a simblance of a racist graffitti of the past wherein derogatory paint was thrown or sprayed on/over our black images, cars, buildings, faces, people, chidren, and posters. C. Ray juxtaposes the idea of a sprayed derogatory "K" to echo a historical majesty of a King.

C. Ray seems to paint liquid royalty into the canvas within each person's expressions, mannerisms, and swag that undougtedly pushes all ideas of struggle out of the mind of the viewer and replaces these doubts and hardships with triumph. "Victory" seems to be the goal of his paint brush for those celebrities and fortunate people who seek his commissioned works.

By buying a raffle ticket for his work representing Martin Luther King on MLK birthday from Harambee Digital (see below), you are donating to the Citizens Committee to Save our Children which raises money for the yearly Harambee Festival as well as Harambee Digital, a set of programs to build first careers in technology with our youth. Victory and Royalty are two of the many traits we interject into our Watoto Village during the 47 years of Harambee Festival Dallas and during any events by the new Harambee Digital.

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Artist Bio

My name is Christopher “C-Ray” Rayson ” I am a Dallas Visual Artist who has been creating art since the 90’s. My large portraits of people and other subjects emerge from my regal introspective on reality, people, and family values. I try to make sure all my paintings convey an emotion tied to this regal perspective.

I received a scholarship to the Art Institute of Dallas after graduating from Lancaster High School in 1995. Being a proactive artist and speaker, I’ve been blessed with 100s of opportunities to hold and participate in art shows as a professional artist.

These opportunities originated initially from an organization called RAW Artists of Dallas which is the progenitor for other partnerships and arrangements such as various club promoters, The Men of Business Live, the Co-Operative Group, celebrities, civil rights leaders, and athletes.

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Beneficiary Statement

A non-profit organization, the CCSOC is committed to the purpose of saving the youth of the community. It works to prevent any occurrence of violence that would jeopardize the safety of a child due to causes inherent in community living.

In today’s society the CCSOC offers countless opportunities for adolescents and young adults. According to the 2012 U.S. Census an average of 20% of current high school students are expected to graduate (Census, 2012).

To keep our children safe, CCSOC has enacted over thirty different programs with the most notable being the Harambee Festival Dallas for over 47 years and the usage of the Harambee Digital to support our youth beginning technology careers.

Sponsors Statement

Presented by the Citizen's Committee to Save our Children in conjunction (CCSOC) with Harambee Digital, a Fusion Art Dallas company, this raffle software was developed to provide a raffle for hundreds of art and vendor items throughout the year. Harambee Digital hopes to promote vendors and artists in our community during these pandemic times wherein interfacing with customers can be extremely difficult.

Harambee Digital can perform raffles from start-to-finish for other non-profits throughout the nation that adhere to the harambee concept. This is the wish of the CCSOC.